Benefits to Leveraging RFI for New Product Launches

There are very strong advantages for launching with exclusive TOKEN/RFI pair instead of TOKEN/ETH:

1. RFI has a very active and growing community of 4100+ that are ready and willing to support our early partners who are willing to pair with RFI. This provides instant exposure for you. Since you’ll be market-buying RFI to create your liquidity pair, the entire RFI community is incentivized to make your project a success.

2. When you market buy RFI and create the liquidity pair exclusively against RFI, the RFI in the liquidity pool will still get all the TX fees. So the amount of RFI in the liquidity pool will continually rise with every TX that occurs. More RFI in the pool = higher TOKEN price.

SO EVEN if neutral TOKEN buy/sell pressure, if RFI price is constant you’ll see a rise in TOKEN price (it’s like TOKEN holders are indirectly getting fees from RFI network

3. You get all the upside to $RFI and that translates to TOKEN upside. I guess you have to be a believer in RFI to see this, but RFI has tremendous upside right now. The price appreciation of RFI gets reflected in TOKEN as far as USD value.

You would still raise ETH, and people can still trade TOKEN/ETH — it just would route indirectly through RFI. It would be TOKEN →RFI →ETH

We have more in the works as we speak. As these other projects launch with RFI pair, they too will market buy a chunk of RFI causing price appreciation for RFI & thus for TOKEN. You benefit from the fees collected as this network of projects grows.



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