Benefits to Existing/Current Projects by Evaluating RFI Integration

Farming Projects

The potential farming projects’ (SUSHI, YAM, etc) holders have the opportunity from RFI to earn DOUBLE YIELD which is:

“ While staked in a XTOKEN/RFI pair — you’ll receive the RFI transaction fees as well as the farmed rewards”

On top of all that for the holders, the projects and their respective liquidity pools benefit too in this way :

1. When projects market buy RFI and create the liquidity pair exclusively against RFI, the RFI in the liquidity pool will still get all the TX fees. So the amount of RFI in the liquidity pool will continually rise with every TX that occurs. More RFI in the pool = higher XTOKEN price.
SO EVEN if neutral XTOKEN buy/sell pressure, if RFI price is constant you’ll see a rise in XTOKEN price (it’s like XTOKEN holders are indirectly getting fees from RFI network)
2. Existing projects integrating with RFI (e.g. SUSHI) get all the upside to $RFI and that translates to XTOKEN (e.g. SUSHI) upside. RFI has tremendous upside right now. The price appreciation of RFI gets reflected in XTOKEN as far as USD value.

As awareness grows, more will notice the incredible incentive to integrate with RFI and that will start the snowball of adoption. Even the biggest liquidity farming projects like SUSHI/ YAM will benefit from having a pair to RFI because the upside to RFI is much higher than ETH.

It’s a win-win for all and a no-brainer for basically anyone in the alt market for the upside compared to the Big Duo(Bitcoin and Ethereum).



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